First Week Back!

Welcome back to Puppies everybody. Lots of new friends to meet and make this year with a number of new additions to the family.

The start of a new year is always exciting, seeing people that we have missed over the holidays and getting to introduce a number if new children to the joys of school.

Of course there are always the tearfully goodbyes with Mummy, but these are very quickly replaced by the equally tearful “NO Mummy, I just want to finish doing this, you can pick me up later!”

Always the same, but always slightly different, I guess that’s what keeps it interesting for us.

Sorry this posting is a little late, the first weeks of school leave little time playing on the computer.

You will also find here a few pictures from the first week, but as always there are more pictures on the main site, these are just a little taster for you.

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Well this just leaves me to wish everybody all the best and keep posted for more news and reviews, fresh to you from the editors of Puppies Press, a Soukromaskolicka Publication 😉