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Candle Making

Candles are easy to make and very useful. What you need: wax wick holders wicks container You can also use left over wax from old candles: Tools that you will need: sharp knife pliers glue clothes pegs something to heat the wax in (not pictured What to do Put wick into the wick holder and… Read more »

Invisible Art

Take some lemon juice, add a little bit of water and you have invisible ink!. Wait for it to dry and then place close to a lightbulb and writing or picture will appear. Here is our artwork: Then I put my paper close to a lightbulb to magically reveal what was there, but nothing happened… Read more »

Coke and Coins – part 2

So we decided to test the 2 concerns when had about the first experiment. we had used fake coke coins different to the ones from my own childhood We set up a second experiment, using both Real and Fake coke and using both Czech and English coins. We even managed to find an old English… Read more »